Burn Your Best Work

Written by
Ryan Felman

Burn Your Best Work

Written by
Ryan Felman

Burn Your Best Work

Written by
Ryan Felman

Writing has saved me from insanity. I mention this often in hopes that it may save other people. And if
you follow me or my email list, you see most of my writing. But not everything.

Sometimes, I write stuff that is too close to the chest and stays in my journals. Sometimes, I write stuff
that is too honest even for a physical notebook. This writing’s only purpose is to get these heavy
thoughts off my chest, and immediately afterwards to be turned to ash.

Even I have my own personal demons I struggle with. And even I take advice from those I hold dear to
me. And I’m fortunate to have such a strong tribe that can help keep me inline. That can nudge me and
remind me what I have to do. Most recently, to write.

So, I poured another glass of wine, grabbed my pen and paper, and sat down on the lazyboy chair to
pour my heart out.

Sometimes writing is more about the blood you shed on the paper, and less about the ink you see.

And bleed I did.

And it wasn’t easy confronting some harsh truths.

It's much easier to glibly blame your issues on external forces. But when you sit down with the honesty that alcohol can produce and write it
out, you can’t lie to yourself. When the ink dries and you’re staring at the blood of your own honest
truths, the ones you bury deep down inside of you… well… you realize that you must hold yourself
accountable for your problems.

Because at the end of the day, they are YOUR problems. And no one will fix them for you. I’m not an
alcoholic but I’ve always been fond of the first step. You must admit that you have a problem. And that
problem is much more obvious when you bleed on the paper in front of you.

And then once you’ve discovered the true root of your problem, you can burn it. It wasn’t a metaphor. I
truly will burn some of my best work and yes, this would’ve been a great piece to share on my website.
But not all things are meant to be.

Sometimes we have to burn our best work, because some truths are too much for this world.
Writing on a piece of paper is different than typing on a keyboard. It has more soul. It has more guts. It
has more blood. And that means you’ll gain greater self-awareness.

Too many are showing their best lives online. Social media is a Tower of Babel glorifying the highlights
and half-truths of our lives. To retreat back to the simpler days of pen and paper is to glorify the true
nature of the world. And despite all the beauty and wonder in this world, sometimes the true nature is
of pain and suffering.

And to run and hide from your true nature is to deny your own very nature.

Sometimes, you have to bleed a little to find out what you’re made of.