Elevator Pitch

Written by
Benjamin George

Elevator Pitch

Written by
Benjamin George

Elevator Pitch

Written by
Benjamin George

This Christmas, I spent a long time explaining what I am up to online, almost in an elevator pitch style.

The elevator pitch is born out of the idea of pitching your business idea to an investor in the time it takes you to take an elevator. The method is used for many goals, but mainly to have an easy, clear-cut and quick explanation of an idea.

The many times I explained what I was up to, I failed terribly.

My explanations as to what I do online would go through a messy and long story in which I explain my original goals, the actual work I do, what we do at Aion Media, etc. all while making it the least interesting story imaginable for a meeting of friends at Christmas.

I have spent long time reflecting as to why I couldn’t come up with a better, clearer and quicker explanation as to what I do online, and I realized it is because I myself do not know what I do online.

Let me explain.

I do know the work and actions I do:

  • write content in the form of tweets, emails and articles
  • create videos and participate in podcasts
  • manage and collaborate in projects such as email lists and online conferences
  • and more

But what I do not clearly know is the story I want to tell with the above actions. Just like the symbol of chaos, I am spreading out everywhere, but without knowing why.

One action I am implementing to make all of this mess clearer is to create elevator pitches of myself, my work online and my “brand.

All my work and efforts are not wasted, they will be reframed and tied into a cohesive structure and story, more unified and in tune.

But I need to figure out the outline of the story first, which is why I am doing this simple activity.

What should an elevator pitch explain?

  • Who the business/idea/product is for
  • What it does
  • Why it is needed
  • How it will get done

The who, what, why, how is very similar to the Six Ws of Journalism (the missing ones are when and where).

Now, creating a good elevator pitch of oneself or one’s projects takes time, iteration and patience, so it is normal to not get it right at the first go. I myself am still figuring out mine.

It is an exercise I recommend all to do when feeling a bit lost, as it helps tremendously in organising one’s efforts and goals, creating a more cohesive structure.

Benjamin George.