What Gardening Teaches

Written by
Ian Kuzma

What Gardening Teaches

Written by
Ian Kuzma

What Gardening Teaches

Written by
Ian Kuzma




The tool of choice, a pick. Well suited for turf busting and the relatively rocky soil. Each swing
ripping a larger hole. Slowly an outline appears, a square along the fence-line, the new plot for
growing the three sisters (corn, beans & squash). The removal of the top layer of grass is to
ensure space for new garden plants.

Peeling away the protective layer to find all sorts of worms and other small creatures hidden
inside. A good sign. The soil is healthy and ready to provide for the family.

Shift perspective.

Down, down to the micro. You are a beetle who lives in the turf along a wooden line.

The apocalypse has come! With each thud, more of the terrain is broken and removed. Thud,
another home demolished, Thud, another creature displaced. Incalculable lives lost in this
storm of destruction.

A giant. A destroyer of the green land has come. Ripping away pieces of the vast forest with
every blow. Sudden darkness as the land you grew up on was thrown into the void. The world
forever turned upside down.

Shift again.

Grow, grow out to the macro. You are a vast cloud in the sky.

The land seems tame beneath you. The mountains, lakes, rivers and seas feeding your growth.

The geography a simple landscape of rivers running to the ocean and hills in the distance. It
seemed now the pressure was on. The sun feels nice as its energy pushes you further inland.
Kaboom! You encounter your negative counterpart the two of you spar as the energy shoots
downward. Kaboom! A parry. Kaboom! Another mighty blow.

Soon there will be rain.

Back again.

Human sized again. I finish my work, the plot is ready for sowing. All the better as it looks like
rain on the horizon.


Many stories travel through my head as I build and labor. Gardening is one of the hobbies that
brings immense satisfaction and connection to the earth.

Gardening is the process of destroying or reshaping the natural order of the land in order to
encourage growth in the direction of one's choosing. One cannot create without first ripping
away that which impedes the vision.

Planting and gardening teaches me the seasons and its cycle. While also teaching me the
importance of hard work and planning ahead. I read about gardening to know that times can be
fickle and it is best to have a plan if a bad year happens. The natural order of the world as
reproduction happens all over the planet in spring and begins to hibernate in the fall. Death is
usually something unavoidable when it comes to competing life on this planet. One can,
however, try to live in a state that is most harmonious with the current environment. I learn from
gardening how to not only shape but preserve the land so that it will continue to be fruitful for
many years to come.

Each experience builds a more solid understanding of plant and animal life.

Each experience an opportunity to learn. To grow.

Each experience a memory and a vision of potential.

Gardening teaches us that we can shape our environment but ultimately life will flourish on
without input. And, that sometimes the most important action to take is to watch and see what
the land provides through the simplicity of observation.